Add your map to S&box


Work in progress. This doc will change!

Compile your map

You should put your .vmat file under: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\sbox\addons\rust\maps and then compile your map.

Make a zip file

There are many ways you can add your map to the S&box dev site. But to keep things simple I will explain the zip method. We now need to add the compiled map to a zip file. Select all of the map files and add them to a zip file.

Todo: add custom assets.

Upload the map

Visit the dev website.

Under your company, press the 'Add Content' button, select map as content type, and give it a short name.


After that Fill in the information under 'Name & Description'.


Choose 'Zip File Upload' as your download type. And add your zip file. After pressing 'save changes' it will upload your map (do not close the window, or go to an other page).


Possible Errors

world.vwrld not found

This means it doesn't find your map. You probably made a directory in the maps folder and compiled your map in there. Because of that the path it sees is: ../maps/yourfolder/map.vpk

The map should be directly in your maps folder.